Oh Haupia! 

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So my sister saw an ad from our local Hawaiian BBQ eatery for Haupia.  We’re suckers for all things coconut. She asked me if I can try to make it. (And I can’t say no to her.)  

Haupia is Hawaiian coconut (stiff) pudding. I searched high and low on the good ‘ole Google and found maaany recipes with different methods and ingredients.  I finally chose one

I chose this recipe because first of all, Kulia is FROM the Islands. Secondly, she used frozen coconut milk instead of canned coconut milk. Yes, canned coconut milk would’ve been easier to get but if I wanted it as close to the real thing (without having to use arrowroot), then I’ll trek it to my local Ranch 99 (or other Asian supermarket) to get it. 

It was easy to make. Kulia’s instructions were clear and I love how she had pictures. (I’m a visual and tactile learner.)  I made the single batch so it was easier to control but the recipe can easily be doubled. 

Waiting for it to chill was the hardest part. After the stove top, I’d say the consistency is like thick pudding. Once chilled, it’s like jello or stiff pudding. 

We had our mom taste it and she said it tastes like Maja Blanca. In the Philippines we have a dessert similar called Maja Blanca which is coconut pudding with corn. 

Needless to say, this dessert is a hit. Please check out Kulia’s recipe and tell me what you think. 😀

* OH, yes, that is purple ice cream with streaks of yellow. It’s ube (sweet purple yam) ice cream with cheese. I know it sounds like a weird combo but trust me, it works. 😋 It can be found at your local Asian market.  


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