Glass of Water

journey, random thoughts

Going through FB and found this post. Some things you read/watch and say, damn I wasted 2 mins of my life that I’ll never get back. Other posts will hit you like a ton of bricks and resonate with you.

This was ONE of them from Mindful Schools.

Today, my wish is for you to put the “glass of water” down, step back, breathe, and let go….even for just a moment.

Holding on to my stresses and worries in life caused me to alienate family and friends, have lots of medical problems (spent hours in infusion/chemo-like treatments), lose sight in both eyes (thankfully regained most of it back in one eye), suicide attempts, go deeper into financial debt, etc.

Letting go had always been the hardest for me. I attribute that to being a Scorpio. 😂😂

We all have choices, opportunities to make things better no matter the situation we’re in. I understand not all stresses/situations are the same but I truly believe we are given/put in situations we can handle, learn from, and overcome.

Please remember to put the “glass of water” down and know that possibilities are endless — you ARE capable of doing anything. 


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