Are the children to blame?

random thoughts

I don’t normally comment on political issues happening around the world but this article made my heart sink.

Article: Alarm over proposed Philippine law to jail 9-year-olds  

Since Duterte became President of the Philippines (assumed office June 30, 2016), the headlines has gotten more and more ridiculous.

Many times I read an article and I’m angered, frustrated and saddened by the reports. The latest states that lawmakers are “pushing to pass laws by December that would restore the death penalty and lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9.”

Are the children to blame for the drug crimes rampant in the Philippines? Where are the parents? Where are the teachers? Where is the community?

Killings, imprisonment, and instilling fear — is that the best solution to have a nation come together, rise above and overcome poverty and illness?

I pray there’s another way. The Philippine nation deserves better.



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